Friday, July 2, 2010

Neat stuff


So before I get to the cute stuff, I wanted relate to you guys something that I thought was just neat.

Earlier on in the week we decided to go out to one of the local shops in town, a normal department store type of thing, just to look around for various things. However, we ended up going into the store shortly before closing time, though we didn’t quite know it at the time. Anyway, so we went through looking at some cute kids clothes and toys for awhile and then a very polite girl came up to us and made gestures while apologizing. Using our deductive reasoning and vague understanding of Japanese, we realized that she was telling us that it was closing time.

And now comes neat part!

So we haven’t been in a department store at closing time before, so when we left, it was quite a bit different than what we were used to. All of the salespeople and workers of all sorts were standing in their designated areas near the walkways and whenever someone(us or one of the other customers) walked by, they gave this huge bow and thanked us for shopping with them. Of course this was in Japanese and they had said other things than just “Arigato gozaimasu!” but you could tell it was along those lines.

For some reason it really moved me, even though i’m getting quite comfortable the japanese way of politeness. Perhaps it was in the way that they did it, and with such enthusiasm. Either way, it was something that I wish was done in the states, but sadly I don’t see it picking up there.

Anyways, onto other things! Today we ended up going to the Daei mall outside of base today and we ran into a nice little sale going on for some festive summer clothing, and of course we ended up buying some after some humming and hawing over it all :-P

picture time!

Rienna in her new clothes. The second photo is a close up of the design. Little fish!

DSCN1010 DSCN1011

Thian has dragon flies on his.

DSCN1013 DSCN1012

And me!   I have a face on mine :-)




Till next time!

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J said...

What a cool thing for the salespeople to do. You all look really cute in your new stuff but what about Meredith?